9 Mukhi Rudraksha


The 9 mukhi Rudraksha is beneficial in terms of physical and spiritual aspects as it is blessed by the divine mother herself. Goddess Durga rules the nine mukhi Rudraksha and it is said to hold the power of all nine goddesses known as the Nava Durga. This auspicious Rudraksha fulfils worldly desires and helps attain salvation. The process of the wearer’s spiritual awakening begins as they wear this auspicious Rudraksha. The nine mukhi Rudraksha whiles away the evil spirits that the wearer might be scared of. This helps a person win against as well as rule over all enemies. The wearer is blessed with Bravery, courage, endurance, name and fame, thus enabling the wearer to become positive, dynamic and fearless. It is also said to regulate the functioning of the brain as well as the Nervous system.

The nine-mukhi Rudraksha is one of the most auspicious Rudrakshas as it denotes feminine energy. The ruling planet here is Ketu. It is excellent for growing children as it increases memory power, creativity, talent channelization, focus, concentration and logical thinking. It is great for anyone facing sloth, inertia, and low energy levels. The nine mukhi Rudraksha helps your brace yourself and attain dynamism


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