1 Mukhi Rudraksha


The 1 mukhi Rudraksha also known as is the most powerful and divine gift to mankind by lord Shiva. It is also the most powerful ad rare Rudraksha to be found. The One mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by the God himself, the pure consciousness or the Param Shiva. The 1 mukhi Rudraksha rules all planets, however is closely associated with planet Neptune. The ek mukhi Rudraksh governs the Shahasra Chakra which governs clarity of mind, connection with God and spirit. Imbalance of the same causes depression, obsessive thinking, confusions and one may suffer from dizziness/ Migraines and/or brain/nervous disorders. Once this is balanced, you get divine connection and manifest wealth. This symbolises the link between earth and heaven and is the link between individual consciousness and diving consciousness or Man and God. The wearer gets both- Material benefits and Spiritual attainment. This allows one to enjoy material enjoyment without getting attached with them. It fulfils the desires of the wearer and is the most effective for meditation purposes. It destroys the sins of past karma and helps in attaining moksha or salvation. This helps in healing psychotic and neurotic disorders and heals migraines within seven days of wearing. The wearer of this heavenly Rudraksha gets freedom from the cycle of life that is the cycle of birth and death. It shares the same vibration frequency hence calms the wearer and helps him or her listen to their inner voice. Anyone who has worn this magical gift from Shiva has experienced positive changes in their lives and have been spiritually uplifted. The shape of original one mukhi Rudraksha is oval and is said to be the eye of the Shiva. It is so because of a mono-seed and a single hole, hence it is never round in shape. The great and spiritually powerful holy person or Sanyasi’ or ‘Yogis’ possess One Face Rudraksha for strengthening their spiritual powers. Wearing Ek Mukhi Rudraksha saves man from all danger and the individual’s life is blessed by the grace of God Mahadeva and Goddess Parvati..Rudraksha is also known as Ek Mukhi ruthratcham or Eka Mukhi Rudraksham in different languages.


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