12 Mukhi Rudraksha


12 Mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes Lord Vishnu and the ruler of 12 Mukhi Rudraksha is Sun. Sun is the source of radiance, power and strength and the one who wears this Rudraksh also gets blessed with these virtues.12 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits are that it can help improve the wearer’s financial condition, poverty may never come his way and there will be peace and harmony at home.  According to the Shastras, the one who wears this Rudraksh gets similar benefits that one may get from Ashvamedha yagya. It protects one from worries, fear, diseases and misfortune.  It is effective for those suffering from Night blindness, urinary stones, respiratory diseases, thrombus in blood vessel, Heart diseases, eye/skin problem, fistula, dyspepsia, disorder of digestive function. It controls hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal of the body. Those who want to remain healthy(physical stamina) and prosperous. It should be worn by those who need authority like administrators, leaders, politicians. It is recommended for people suffering from gastric and esophagus problems, bowel movement, heart diseases, lung diseases and skin problems. In problems of lack of recognition, lack of respect in work place, lack in personal relationships, lack of financial advancement, limited prospects, boredom, lack of fulfilling and excited life.

If you are prone to illnesses or perturbed by some emotional problems, then wearing a 12 Mukhi Rudraksha is advisable as it will keep heart, lung and skin ailments as well as other forms of physical and mental illnesses at bay. This rudraksha removes malefic of sun. Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha is symbol of twelve virtues of Lord Sun. It is an embodiment of twelve facets of Lord Surya which are : Light of universal friendship, Light of compelling radiance, Dispelling of darkness or ignorance, Shining Principle, All Pervading Light, Light of Mystic Fire, Golden colored one healing gold, Light obvious and subtle as at dawn and dusk, Light of the sage, Light of enlightenment, Light that removes afflictions. Sun owns this mukhi. Ruling and shining is the result of wearing. Anger and worries are removed. Confidence come in.


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