“For one thousand divine years I kept my eyes closed and then tear drops fell from my eyes”


 “Those drops of tears which fell from my eyes gave birth to the tree of Maharudraksh on my command for the benefit of all.”

-Lord Shiva

The Sanskrit work ‘Rudraksh’ literally means ‘Teardrops of Shiva’ or as said by a group of others, ‘The Eyes of Shiva’. When these drops fell on the ground from Lord Shiva’s eyes, they formed the Rudraksh Plant. .Rudraksha is also known as ruthratcham or Rudraksham in different languages..Covered by an outer shell of Blue colour, Rudraksh is also referred to as ‘Blueberry beads’. This is used by Hindus as Rosaries since at least the 10th Century and has been ever popular since then. This precious gift to mankind by Lord Shiva is said to please him as well as Goddess Durga, Lord Vishnu along with the eight planets. This special blessing to Humans possesses the power of Bhairava which gives one the freedom from fear of death, making them fearless, bold and upfront. Valued similar to Semi-precious stones, Rudraksh comes in a lot of varieties and sizes.

The Rudraksh represents Lord Shiva and Parvati, which symbolises marital bliss. Different types of Rudraksh have different types of healing properties. The electromagnetic properties of Rudraksh influence the Human Physiology, Psychology, and an overall well-being of an individual. It has healing properties that sooth issues like Hypertension, High/Low Blood pressure, and helps in controlling stress among its various other properties. It helps in meditation, soothes our mind and helps in the attainment of spiritual merit. The Rudraksh also reduces the process of ageing while helping to accomplish peace and harmony in life

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